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New Schumacher Racing Releases

Schumacher gave word of two new Anderson High Voltage Brushless servos today. The AN530400HV  – Metal gears, brushless, and a lightning fast speed of just 0.06 seconds @ 7.4v for 60 degrees of rotation and 194oz or torque means that this servo is ideal for 1/10 sized cars whereas the AN530400HV is more suited to larger applications. You get a massive 305oz of torque at a 0.08 sec speed for 60 degrees of rotation @ 7.4v. Both servos are priced very competitively, so expect good rivals for Hitec and Savox servos!

Schumacher 530400HV Digital Brushless ServoSchumacher 530410HV Digital Brushless Servo









Schumacher also released an awesome looking 3ft x 2ft Pit Towel, printed with the Schumacher logo.

 Schumacher G315 Pit Towel


Check out the Schumacher website for details!


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