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New Schumacher Short Course tires!

Schumacher have decided to dive into the Short Course scene with two types of tires: Mini Pin-SC’s and Mini SpikeSC’s.




These Mini Spikes are a less aggressive general purpose tire, which Schumacher reccomend for Grass, Astroturf, Carpet and general use.









Mini Pins are aggressive high-traction tires, for astro carpet and other surfaces with a lot of grip. Schumacher suggest trimming the front tires to reduce excessive bite.






Both tire patterns are available in a hard “Blue” compound, and a soft “Yellow” compound, and schumacher reccomend firm foam inserts for both. These promise to be some darn good tires!
Check out the Schumacher Website for more info!



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Posted by in Schumacher on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 2:40 pm