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Tekin T-440 Servo

New Servos From Tekin

Coming soon from Tekin is a new line-up or Servos. The Tekin servos use an element proof design that protects them from dirt and water, while a digital magnetic positioning system gives them improved accuracy.

* Dual ABEC5 bearings
* Beefy drive train with full metal gears
* Several different models to meet your needs
* Full aluminum housing
* Fits 1/10 and 1/8 applications
* 25 tooth output spline
* Low voltage alarm
* Thermal protection
* High voltage capable
* Coreless motor
​* Comes with aluminum servo arm

The new models include-

T-120 Lo-Pro Speed
T-180 Lo-Pro Torque
T-130 Speed
T-190 Torque
T-250 Speed
T-300 Torque
T-360 Torque
T-440 Torque

To get full details, hit up This Link over on Tekin’s official website.

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