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New Tetsijin Super Rim – Maguerite

Whats up drifters? Evol here with another hot off the press product for the RC drift movement. Team Tetsujin who I’ve written of plenty of times in the past got in touch with me to tell me about their new version of the Super Rim. Tetsujin are very proud of the fact they they had the worlds first 2 piece adjustable offset wheel. It would seem that other manufacturers have finally caught on that this is an awesome idea and anytime you innovate you can’t expect to stay alone in that space forever. Anyway the copycat market is a huge debate and one I plan to explore in future Drift Itch articles, but for now lets talk about this great looking new wheel. This new version is called the “Marguerite”. I have no idea how to pronounce that word, but the wheel looks fantastic. It will use the existing Super Rim portion of the wheel as this disk will slot right into the existing design. A couple of changes however. With the design of this wheel disk the offset choice changes a bit. As opposed to the standard 3-6-9 offsets we have seen so far, the Marguerite will come in 2-5 and 8mm offsets respectively. Not a huge change, but you will want to take note of any clearance issues you might have when switching out any wheel. I swear I’ve never stripped a servo when ignoring offset clearances before….. The Marguerite will be available in all the standard colors and should available for purchase later this month.

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Available: May 20th
Price: TBA
Offsets: 2/5/8 mm

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