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New Traxxas EZ-Peak Chargers


Traxxas has two new EZ-Peak Chargers coming soon. The 5 amp charger comes with a USB port for charging stuff like the DR-1 and QR-1 quad and heli batteries as well as a receiver battery port for 4-5 cell receiver packs. It also comes with a Traxxas connector for doing all the NiCad and NiMH packs. It can use AC or DC power and will cost around $90 when it hits the stores. For all those people who don’t plan on making the jump to LiPO this is a good way to get your batteries charged faster than the stock chargers that came with your vehicles.

traxxas_ez_peak4The other Traxxas charger is a most cost effective 4 amp version without all the bells and whistles, but will only cost you about $55 and still get your NiMH batteries charged faster than the stock charger.

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Posted by in New Products, Traxxas on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 11:01 am