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Traxxas TRX-4 Accessories Hop-ups Upgrades

New TRX-4 Accessories From Traxxas

Being rolled out soon for all you Traxxas TRX-4 owners are several new Accessories directly from Traxxas. Some of the genuine Traxxas accessories can add a custom look to your rig, while other parts can be used to enhance its performance. A single speed transmission, spool, and aluminum anodized accessories top the list of some of the new products offered.

TRX-4 Driveline & Performance Accessories

#8296 – Transmission gears, single speed
#8297 – Spool, differential housing plug
#8274 – Hollow ball set, PTFE-coated

TRX-4 Suspension Accessories

Shock Springs – Four rates available (#8042 0.22, #8043 0.30, #8044 0.39, #8045 0.61)
#8260A/G/R – Complete GTS shock blue, green, and red
#8260X – Complete GTS shock with PTFE-coated body
#8263T – Titanium nitride-coated GTS shock shafts
#8266A/G/R – GTS shock body blue, green, or red
#8266X – GTS shock body, hard-anodized, PTFE

TRX-4 Tactical Unit Bodies & Scale Accessories

#8211X – Tactical Unit body, Night Camo (Painted)
#8211 – Clear Tactical Unit body, (Decals, Window Masks)
#8273 – Tires and wheels, assembled (Tactical)
#8268 – Wheels, Tactical 1.9 (2)
#8022T – Black fuel canisters
#8023T – Jack, black

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