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HPI Nitro Star V2 F4.6

New V2 HPI Nitro Star F3.5 and F4.6 Pull Start Nitro Engines

HPI V2 Nitro Star F3.5
Ten years ago was right before the “electric revolution” when brushless and Lipo power went mainstream with the rc crowd. Nitro fumes filled the air nearly everywhere you went back in those days. Now days bash spots are a lot quieter, but there are still plenty of hardcore nitro bashers out there.

The crew over at HPI Racing have just announced some updated nitro engines for your bash machine. They have now added a V2 Nitro Star F3.5 and V2 Nitro Star F4.6 to their vast product line-up.

The V2 F3.5 gets a new heatsink and crankcase. The larger heatsink improves cooling while the new crankcase shaves off about 22 grams of weight. It also comes with a new pullstart featuring a large 14mm hex for better durability.

The V2 F4.6 also comes with the new pullstart, a new crankcase and larger heatsink for improved cooling. The new crankcase shaves 37 grams off its weight and is 12mm shorter.

The part number for the HPI F3.5 V2 is #111600, while the part number for F4.6 V2 is #111595. No word on pricing or availability quite yet.

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