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Hudy RC Wheel Balance Putty

New Wheel Balance Putty From Hudy

A while back Hudy introduced a new wheel balancer, today they announced new Wheel Balance Putty. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-end racer, or a weekend backyard basher, balancing your wheels is one of the cheapest, and easiest ways, to improve performance. Perfectly balanced wheels not only make your truck easier to drive, but can also give it more speed and runtime.

* Great for balancing wheels
* Also used to seal electronics against water, or to stick down wiring
* 85 gram size
* Tin box helps keep putty from drying out
* Putty is sticky to keep from falling off

The Hudy Wheel Balance Putty has a part number of #105590 and you can hit up This Link to read more Hudy news on Big Squid.


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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 at 11:13 am