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Yokomo BD7 Touring Car

New Yokomo MRTC-BD7 Touring Car

Yokomo BD7 Touring Car
There is just something inherently cool about a high end touring car. Taking just one look at Yokomo’s new carbon-fiber’ed-out MR4TC-BD7 10th scale 4wd touring car definitely leaves a strong impression on just how trick it is, and with 3 of them making the A final a few weeks ago at the IFMAR Worlds, you know it is just as fast as it looks. Some of the highlights of Yokomo’s latest work of art are-

* 4wd, belt driven
* Symmetrical from left to right for optimal chassis flex
* Split aluminum suspension mounts
* Motor mounted 9.5mm farther forward than previous model
* Solid aluminum front axle
* Rear gear diff
* Sway bars come as standard equipment
* Big aluminum shocks

Pricing looks to be around $550 and the BD7 should be available mid-September. For complete information THIS is the link you want.

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