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JR Propo Mercury

Nostalgic JR Propo Mercury Transmitter

It’s all about going old school now days isn’t it? We see so many re-releases of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Now we are seeing a reemergence of vintage transmitters as well. First was the JR Colt, now it is the JR Mercury. The JR Propo Mercury has the look and feel of an old school transmitter while providing the latest in technology and features.

* 14 channel air radio- plane, heli, glider
* DMSS 2.4GHz FHSS spread spectrum system
* 30 model memory
* Two types of trainer systems
* Telemetry
* SD card
* Backlit LCD display
* Stick spring adjustment

The Mercury is priced at 99,000 yen, it has a part number of #NET-M1114G, and full details can be found at This Link on JR Japan’s website.

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