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Novak 4PHD SCT Brushless Motor

Novak 4PHD Heavy-Duty 4-Pole 4X4 SCT Brushless Motor

Novak 4PHD SCT Brushless Motor
Novak has a new motor and speed controller combo for all you 4wd SCT drivers. The 4PHD is a heavy duty 4-pole brushless motor designed for the rigors of 4wd SCT racing and bashing. Its 4 pole design means it can accelerate harder and handle heavier loads, and it uses rubber gaskets to keep dirt/dust/mud out of the inside of the motor. The 4PHD is rated at 4600 kV, comes with a Kevlar wrapped Neodymium rotor, and features a 5mm output shaft.

The part number for the motor is #3510 and it is priced at $139. The part number for the combo featuring a Crusher speed controller is #3087 and is priced at $239. Both are expected to start shipping in July. To get more details follow This Link over to the official Novak website.

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