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Axial Yeti XL Kit

Now A Kit – Axial Yeti XL Monster Buggy

Axial Racing has announced that their beastly Yeti XL Monster Buggy will be available in a build-it-yourself kit form. This is great news for hobbyists that like building their own kits and for those that like customizing a new vehicle from the ground up as they build it.

The kit version also gets some new goodies. Icon Vehicle Dynamics aluminum shocks come standard for a realistic look with superior damping. Also standard is a 3.4mm rear sway bar to help keep the beast under control on high cell counts, while 3mm aluminum lower link plates help to beef it up for those heavy bash sessions. As they say on tv, but wait, there is more! 17mm aluminum hex hubs and nuts come with the kit, as do adjustable steel turnbuckles. Last but not least, fully licensed 3.8 Falken WildPeak M/T tires add to the scale realism while providing great all around traction.

The kit hits the streets at $499, it has a part number of #AX90038, and they are expected to start shipping in mid February. This Is The Link to more details over on the Axial website.

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