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HPI Racing Kraken Buggies

Now Available – HPI Racing Kraken Equipped Baja 5B Buggies

1/5th scale drivers can now rejoice as the HPI Racing Kraken Buggies are now shipping. That’s right, these are now available across the globe for your bashing enjoyment. Each of the buggies are street priced at $1349 and both come with Kraken upgrades to make them stand out in a crowd.

The Baja 5B TSK-b Class 1 comes with a gnarly looking roll cage and comes equipped standard with super heavy duty upgrade parts. The Baja 5B Kraken Sidewinder X5 sports sand rail looks to go along with its Kraken cage and upgrade driveline parts. These buggies show that HPI Racing is getting back up on its feet and shipping new product to their giant fan-base across the globe, a fact that we are super stoked to see. Now is the time to pick one up if you are ready to put a Kraken Baja 5B in your rc garage!

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 9:17 am