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O.S. .21 XZ-B Speed

O.S. is ready to put another engine on the shelf for you to buy.  The .21 XZ-B Speed has all kinds of new features on it.  The fuel efficiency of this engine has been improved by 8% over the non-speed version .21 XZ-B.  The cylinder head had been made 9mm shorter than the .21VZ-B Speed, the center of gravity has been lowered, and it comes with the new 21J2(B) three needle, double adjust carb, ceramic crankcase bearings, and a P3 glow plug.

Retail for this hunk of black metal is going to be $749.99 and it should be hitting shelves very soon, if it’s not already there.

Check out the O.S. Engines web site for all the details.

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Posted by in O.S. Engines on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 2:31 pm