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OS Speed 21XZ-B Tessmann

O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty 110% Engine

Coming in late September is the O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty Tessmann 110% Nitro Engine. This particular edition of the 21XZ-B has been tweaked by Ty Tessmann himself for optimal performance and is a limited edition unit. If you are wanting to bolt serious power into your 1/8 buggy, this engine is for you.

* Long stroke design
* 7 mm venturi insert for improved efficiency & power
* 4mm lower head
* T2090SC exhaust pipe with 90 mm manifold is available for consistent idling & improved mid-range power
* Stroke- .661″
* Bore- .641″
* Power- 2.61 hp @ 34,000 rpm

The engine is available with ($629, #OSMG2036) or without ($499, OSMG2037) a T-2090SC tuned exhaust and you can use This Link for full details over on the O.S. website.

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