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O.S. Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II Nitro Engine

O.S. Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II Nitro Engine

When nitro racing, the engine is the heart of your machine. It makes all the difference on whether you have the power to pass guys on the straight or can make the big triple every lap. A good engine also makes the difference between winning a race or continually flaming out. That’s why O.S. Speed has announced the B21 Ty Tessmann II nitro engine.

The latest Tessmann edition engine is a .21 and designed for use in 1/8 scale race buggies. It is a square stroke design that comes with a 5.8mm restrictor. A low profile head is used to give your buggy a lower center of gravity and the engine will also be available with a new manifold and T-2090SC exhaust pipe.

The engine is expected to start shipping in September and you can get more details over on the O.S. Speed Website.

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Posted by in New Products on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 6:32 pm