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O.S. Speed T1202

O.S. Speed T1202 Nitro Engine

Just announced by O.S. Engines is the T1202. The T1202 is a high-end 1/10th touring car race engine designed for more power and fuel efficiency than its predecessor. Some of its highlights include-

* Tungsten weighted crank shaft
* Lighter piston
* Shorter carb restrictor
* Thicker cylinder flange
* Low center of gravity cooling head
* More powerful low to mid-range torque
* Displacement- 0.128 cu in
* Practical RPM- 5,000-45,000
* Output- 1.75 ps/1.73 hp @ 35,000 rpm
* Weight- 7.58 oz

The T1202 is priced at $479, it has a part number of #OSMG1996, and full details are easily found over on the official O.S. Engines Website.

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