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O.S. Speed Tools Review

O.S. Speed Tools Product Spotlight

To do the job right, you must have the right tools, hence the reason many hobbyists choose to cut the check for “the good stuff” instead of “el’ cheapos”.

Known best for their elite nitro engines, O.S. Speed also has a line of uber tools. Recently we got a chance to test (read- beat-on, use as pry bars, try to destroy) their 10 Piece Speed Driver set along with their Plug Wrench, Flywheel Key, and Flywheel Puller.

The O.S. Speed 10 piece driver set (#71410000) is priced at $199, the plug wrench (#71520100) and flywheel key (#71415200) are priced at $21, and the flywheel puller (#71415100) is $29.

Here are some of the impression that we came away with-

High Points

The tips used in the hex drivers are very, very good. They all had precision tips that seemed to fit, and last, like the ones used in MIP tools (MIP are sort of the golden standard for hex drivers in this hobby). The tips were top notch for fit and we never experienced any wear. The smallest size in the set was a 1.5mm, which we tried to snap but could not.

The handles were well liked by our entire staff. With their black anodizing they looked trick, they were lightweight, their knurled handles gave plenty of grip, and because they had several flat spots on the side, they didn’t roll off of our pit tables or tail gates.

Precision on the blade of the flat head screwdriver was also excellent, as were the heads on the nut drivers.

As far as the plug wrench and flywheel tools were concerned- they had exceptional attention to detail, worked as advertised, and looked very trick while doing so.

We beat on all the tools fairly hard (literally) and we didn’t break any of them.

Low Points

While the black anodizing is “trendy” and does look good, we would like to have seen the different sizes of hex drivers color coded. This would have made them easier to identify from a glance/distance. If you’ve ever been a hurry, having the handles color coded can make a big difference.

The handle on the 3.0mm screwdriver was smaller in diameter than the hex drivers. Some of our testers didn’t notice, while some did not like the smaller size.


The O.S. Speed tools are truly high-end and do a great job of making a tough job easier. We liked their look, loved how they performed, and can highly recommend them to you.

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