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Ofna Hyper Cage Buggy

Ofna Hyper Cage Nitro Buggy

Ofna Hyper Cage Buggy
Getting burnt out on the electric scene and looking for a fun nitro buggy to bash with? If so, check out the new Hyper Cage Buggy from Ofna. The Hyper Cage buggy uses a big .28 nitro engine for power and keeps it real with a simple cage look. Some of its features and specifications include-

* C-hub suspension
* 17mm big more shocks
* Stand up servo
* Orange anodized aluminum parts
* Sway bars front and rear
* Large capacity fuel tank
* Length- 18.1″
* Width- 11.8″
* Wheelbase- 12.6″

The part number for the Hyper Cage Buggy is #14357 and it has a street price of just over $400. Hit This Link for more information.

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