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Overdose Adjustable Suspension Mount for the Vacula, DIB and Tamiya drift chassis

What’s up drift peeps? Evol here with a midweek second look at a piece of kit that some of you may have overlooked. I know I did! So here is how it happened. When I see parts listed for the Overdose Vacula my eyes tend to glaze over as I daydream about having enough expendable income to drop such a serious amount of dough on a 1/10 scale drift car. As a result certain details can…..escape me. So a couple of months ago I built a Yokomo DIB drift package and in my futile attempt to find rear suspension mounts for it to tone down the 3.5 degrees of toe-in it has, I found that every online retailer was sold out. I also had the problem that I had no idea how much rear toe I wanted to run on the car meaning I would have to buy multiple versions of the mounts right??? Wrong. Thats where the Overdose Adjustable Suspension Mount for the Vacula comes in. This mount is able to accommodate 0-4 degrees toe-in and as it turns out this piece also works on the DIB and Tamiya drift cars eliminating the need to have multiple mounts for suspension tuning. Its awesome saw tooth design when tightened creates a rock solid lock and if you want to change it up, simply loosen the hardware and adjust to the desired position. Simple yet killer design!

In typical Overdose fashion the price will give you sticker shock; this mount buzzes in at around 55 bucks! But it really doesn’t work out to be all that high when you consider that it replaces several sets of OEM mounts. Factor in the excellent machining, anodizing and laser engraving clearly letting you know what values you’re running I think this mount is worth the money all day long.

All in all a very cool piece.

Anyway that’s all I have for now, don’t forget to check in regularly for more RC drifting news here on Big Squid RC.

Keep it between the ditches!


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