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X-Mas Party Cubby

THE Cub Report – Well Hello There 2019!

So hello there friends, hobbyists, industry insiders, etc, welcome to THE Cub Report. As is my “norm”, we are early here in 19′, a time when I’ve been talking to other industry people to try and get a feel for what the marketplace might be like this year. So what might the industry have waiting for us in the coming [...]


Redcat Racing RC Portal Rock Crawling Axles

Redcat Racing Portal Axle Kit

Here ya go Redcat Racing fans, they have just announced an all new Portal Axle Kit. The portal axles were designed for trucks like the Redcat Gen7, but can also be used on a wide variety of other scale rock crawlers. Here are the highlights- * Increases ground clearance * Comes with everything needed for a direct Gen7 Sport or Gen7 Pro [...]


SSD Pro Scale 90mm Shocks

SSD Pro Scale 90mm Scale Off-Road Shocks

Coming soon from SSD are 90mm Pro Scale Off-Road Shocks. SSD is well known for putting out incredibly scale looking products, their new shocks absolutely continue that tradition. Here are some of their features and specifications- * Body, cap, spring collar, & spring retainers CNC machined from aluminum * Heavy duty steel shafts * Precision CNC machined Delrin cap balls * Rod end has [...]


Pro-Line Shop Talk Crawling Tires

Pro-Line Shop Talk – Crawling Tires Video

The good folks over at Pro-Line have uploaded a new video to their popular YouTube Shop Talk series. The latest edition of Shop Talk features P-L’s Paul Willhite going over Crawling Tires. Paul is an expert in the rock and scale crawling scenes, below he goes over Pro-Line’s entire line of rock crawling tires to give you all the information [...]


Team Associated RC XP DSV FPV System

Team Associated XP DSV FPV System

The crew at Team Associated have dropped a big announcement with their all new XP DSV System. The AE crew is using the moniker of “DSV”, which stands for “Driver’s Seat View”, on their new FPV (first person view) system. The Team Associated FPV goggle and camera set comes with the gear you need to take the big jump into [...]


Spektrum 16A 380W Power Supply

Spektrum Smart 16A 380W Power Supply

Coming later this month from Spektrum is a 16 Amp 380 Watt Power Supply. The new unit was designed to be the ultimate power supply for the new Spektrum Smart battery chargers, but can work equally well on any brand of charger. Here are the highlights- * Robust 380 watts of output * Delivers up to 16 amps of clean DC power [...]


CEN Racing RC 2019 Suzuki Monster Jimny

CEN Racing 2019 Suzuki Monster Jimny

On display right now at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 is the brand new CEN Racing 2019 Suzuki Monster Jimny. The Monster Jimny packs some serious attitude thanks to the input of esoteric design studio Shibata R31 House. Featuring a modern, yet rugged off-road look, the Monster Jimny sports a scale type chassis with absolutely massive axles. We will be posting [...]


CEN Racing Annihilator HL150 Monster Truck

CEN Racing HL150 Annihilator Monster Truck

Here you go solid axle monster truck fans, CEN Racing is now teasing a new HL150 Annihilator Monster Truck. While we are still in the teasing stages, it is easy to see how nicely scaled it was from the original. Plus, it was designed to be more than rugged enough for serious backyard bashing. * 10.82″ wheelbase * 12.2″ width * Comes with [...]


RC4WD 1985 Toyota 4Runner Body Video

RC4WD 1985 Toyota 4Runner Body Classic Off-Road Video

The crew over at RC4WD are off to an incredible start for 2019. Arguably their hottest product of this very new year is the insanely scale detailed 1985 Toyota 4Runner Hard Body. And while the 4Runner is one of the best looking bodies we’ve ever seen, that was not enough, RC4WD has dropped an incredibly cool video to go along [...]


Honda Ask Cubby

ASK Cubby – New Year, New Picture

“Picture For the love of God Cubby, can we please have a new ASK Cubby picture? Gene L.” Cubby- Well howdy there Gene, thanks so much for the handy dandy email. I will put it right here in the huge stack labeled “PLEASE GET A NEW ASK CUBBY PIC”. LOL But seriously, shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack. And because [...]


Traxxas Clear Camper Body TRX-4 Sport

Traxxas Clear Camper Body For The TRX-4 Sport

Just announced by Traxxas is a new Clear Camper Body for the TRX-4 Sport scale crawler. The body is made from a clear polycarbonate that allows you to spray on your own custom paint scheme. Here are some highlights- * Pre-trimmed for your convenience * Comes with window masks and decal sheet * Fits trucks with a 312mm wheelbase like the TRX-4 Sport * [...]



The most anticipated vehicle release from Redcat Racing of all time has to be the Gen8 International Scout II. When the Redcat Racing crew announced the upcoming release of the Gen8, the scale crawler world was taken back. Banking on the success of the Gen 7, Redcat listened to the fans and made substantial changes to the Gen8; and by [...]


T-Bone Racing T2T Upper Chassis Brace Tekno MT410

T-Bone Racing T2T Upper Chassis Brace For The Tekno MT410

Tekno MT410 owners tend to send it, and not just once, but all the time! To help your MT410 handle the most severe of hits, T-Bone Racing has announced a new T2T Upper Chassis Brace. The tower-to-tower brace is designed to take serious abuse, here are the highlights- * Designed to give your MT410 maximum chassis stability * Updated, more durable design * [...]


RC4WD 1985 Toyota 4Runner Body

RC4WD’s Ultra-Hot 1985 Toyota 4Runner Hard Body Set!!!

Here is a GIANT new release from RC4WD, a fully licensed 1985 Toyota 4Runner Hard Body Set. This classic looking 4Runner is not only an iconic off-road rig, but RC4WD went above and beyond to ensure incredible scale accuracy. And not only does the new RC4WD 4Runner body have a great look, but it was also designed with all the [...]


Tamiya Dancing Rider Chrome Plated Body Parts Set

Tamiya Dancing Rider Chrome Plated Body Parts Set

Coming soon from Tamiya is a Chrome Plated Body for their popular Dancing Rider. The chrome body is sure to make your Dancing Rider stand out in a crowd, here are the highlights- * Clear windows * Pre-cut for your convenience * Body mount holes pre-drilled * Comes with decal set * Designed to fit the Tamiya T3-01 chassis The Dancing Rider Chrome Plated Body Parts [...]