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Hobbico Halloween

Video – Happy Halloween From Hobbico

To help get you in the mood for Halloween, the good folks over at Hobbico have worked up a new video. The video shown above takes you through a haunted corn field maze, which are quite popular here in the Midwest, via a Dromida FPV drone. You’ll have to watch the video to see the surprises that they found inside! To [...]


Hobbico FPV Surface

Video – How To Install A Surface FPV System By Hobbico

FPV (first person view) has taken off like gangbusters on quadcopters, but the surface world is lagging a bit behind. To help show you exactly what you need to go FPV in your truck/buggy/boat, Hobbico has released a new video. The video shows step-by-step the electronics that you’ll need, plus a few friendly tips to make sure your first experience [...]


Hobbico Great Fall Rebate

Hobbico Great Fall Rebate

Starting now and ending on September 30th is Hobbico’s Great Fall Rebate. The new program allows you to get some serious rebate bucks after purchasing select Futaba and O.S. Engine products. You can get merchandise certificates ranging from $10 up to $250, Hit This Link for complete details. Read more Hobbico news Right Here on BigSquidRC.


Hobbico HobbyTown USA Convention

Hobbico At The 2016 HobbyTown USA Convention

If you work within the hobby then you already know who Hobbico is, if not, they are the largest model hobby company in the world. In the surface world they are best known for names like ARRMA, Dromida, Axial, and Team Durango. They are also the exclusive distributor here in the states for lines like Futaba and O.S. Engines. Hobbico has [...]


Restoring a Hobbico MaxTrax Eliminator Pulling Sled – Pt. 1

Whenever a hobbyist becomes interested enough in the world of r/c truck & tractor pulling to try and stick their toes in the water, the first thing that comes to mind with most is probably the actual pulling vehicle. This subject isn’t that difficult to find information on though, at least not if one is good with Google. Heck, thanks [...]


rc brain hobbico

Teaser – Hobbico’s “What If An RC Car Had A Brain?”

The latest teaser from Hobbico really has our minds wandering. They put out the question, “What if an rc car had a brain?”. That got us to thinking, what would happen if a new Dromida or ARRMA came with a brain inside? Could it do homework? Could it fix dinner? Could it cure cancer? For now there are no more [...]


Hobbico RC Runners

Video – Hobbico RC Runner Shoes

Hey, everybody loves those Heelys shoes, you know the ones with the wheel in the back that helps you go real fast. Now Hobbico has upped the ante with their new RC Runner Shoes. These allow you to bolt on a pair of 6S brushless powered ARRMA Sentons to your feet, making your trip to just about anywhere really, REALLY, [...]



Hobbico Launches Website

The good folks over at Hobbico have just announced the launch of The KeepItRC website is a home base for all things rc and can help you get your daily dose of rc videos. The site will feature raw/uncut footage, crazy stunts, workshop tours, and all sorts of other rc video goodness. What are you waiting for, hit This [...]


RISE RXD250 Quad Racer

RISE RXD250 Quad Racer by Hobbico

New from the innovators over at Hobbico is the RISE 250 sized RXD250 Quad Racer. Designed to be affordable, durable, and fast, the RXD250 should make for a great entry level quad racing machine. The backbone of the RXD250 is a hybrid foam/carbon fiber chassis which allows you to really go for it out on the race course. Some of [...]


Hobbico Friends and Family

Hobbico Friends And Family RC Sale

Now through March 15th, save big cash during the Hobbico Friends And Family RC Sale. The savings can be found on a bunch of different Hobbico products available right now at your friendly local hobby shop. Here is the official press release from Hobbico- “Get ready for good times with your modeling buddies. During the Friends and Family sale, you’ll all enjoy [...]


Hobbico E-Fest 2016

Hobbico Booth at E-Fest 2016

Early each year flying fans in the Midwest are treated to an indoor event held in Champaign Illinois called E-Fest. Sponsored by Hobbico, it brings together hobbyists from several states, allowing them to get in some winter flying time. E-Fest also has a long “manufacturers row” where companies can show off the latest and greatest in flying gear. With Hobbico being [...]


Hobbico Drone Headquarters Christmas Video

Hobbico Drone Headquarters Christmas Eve Video

Christmas is getting mighty close, but there is still time to put a drone under the tree for someone in your family or one of your friends. To help celebrate Christmas, Hobbico has released a series of short videos featuring their quadcopter products. Hit the video above to see what our little friend Proto is up to and what Hobbico [...]


Hobbico 12 Days Of Drones

Hobbico 12 Days Of Drones Giveaway

I don’t have to tell you how hot Drones are right now, they seem to be taking over the entire world. You can’t walk through a hobby shop (or a mall) without seeing these high-tech flying machines. To help celebrate the Christmas season Hobbico is having a big Drone Giveaway. For 12 days straight Hobbico is giving away a different [...]


Hobbico Drone Christmas Video Series

Videos – Hobbico Drone Christmas Series

To help put you in a holiday mood, the fine folks over at Hobbico have released a short video series featuring many different types of their drones. The star of the series is “Proto”, a spunky little drone that is filled with holiday spirit. Check out the video above to see what Proto is up to now and you can [...]


Hobbico Holiday Drone Video

Part 1 – Hobbico Holiday Drone Video

Once again Hobbico is putting out a special series of videos for the Holidays. This year the focus is on drones, watch the video above for part 1 of what is sure to be a neat series to get everyone in the Holiday spirit. To get more details on all the drones offered by Hobbico simply Hit This Link, or by [...]