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Pilot RC Products Temp Tabs

Pilot RC Products Temp Tabs

It’s a fact that heat is the enemy of performance, especially when it comes to the electronics on your R/C machine. When you need peak performance from your radio-controlled racer or basher, the smallest insight can often provide the biggest gains.

Pilot RC Products has introduced a simple way to keep tabs on your motor’s operating temperature with their Pilot Temp Tabs. These adhesive indicators stick to the surface of any brushed or brushless motor and feature a color-changing dot that will let you know when your motor has reached 180°F/82°C.

When the temperature sensing dot changes from silver to black, you know your motor has reached a critical temperature. Each Temp Tab is good for one use/color change and can easily be removed and replaced with a fresh sticker.

Priced at $7.99, Temp Tabs are available for purchase from

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