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Pitbull RC LiPo Batteries

Pitbull RC Announces Pure Gold Lipo Batteries

The crew over at Pitbull RC are best known for their incredible rock crawling tires, but recently they announced a full line-up of LiPo Batteries. All of the new Pitbull Pure Gold LiPo batteries comes stock with a built in LED battery life indicator to make it easy to see how much energy is left in the pack. Here are more highlights-

* Made for extreme performance for crawlers, drag racing, or speed bashing
* Pure Gold batteries are built to take the abuse!
* Available with a variety of battery connectors & adapters
* Most packs come with 2 connectors and/or adapters
* XT60 battery connector on 2200 – 5000mAh 3s packs
* EC5 battery connector on 6000mAh 3s and 8000mAh 4s2p
* Deans battery plug and/or adapter included with each battery

New Pitbull RC LiPo Packs

PBB22A50C3S – 2200mAh, 50c, 3s, 11.1V (108 X 34 X 23mm) – XT60 + Dean’s
PBB36A50C3S – 3600mAh, 50c, 3s, 11.4V (90 x 42 x 25mm) – XT60 + Dean’s
PBB43A50C3S – 4300mAh, 50c, 3s, 11.4V (89 x 42 x 30mm) – XT60 + Dean’s
PBB43A80C3S – 4300mAh, 80c, 3s, 11.4V (89 x 43 x 35mm) – XT60 + Dean’s
PBB5A50C3S – 5000mAh, 50c, 3s, 11.1V (139 x 43 x 32mm) – XT60 + Dean’s
PBB6A100C3S – 6000mAh, 100c, 3s, 11.1V (146 x 45 x 29mm) – EC5 + Dean’s
PBB8A80C4S2P – 8000mAh, 80c, 4s2p, 14.8V (160 x 53 x 42mm) – EC5 + Deans

The Pitbull RC Pure Gold LiPo Batteries are street priced from $41 to $164 and you can click this link to read more Pitbull RC News right here on BigSquidRC.


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