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RC4WD D44 Plastic Axles

Plastic D44 Axles From RC4WD

The big news from RC4WD today is D44 Complete Plastic Axles. The plastic axles are available as a D44 Front as well as a D44 Rear. Both units come with heavy duty internals but lightweight plastic exterior pieces. The plastic D44s retain their sharp scale look to make your build look even more realistic.

* Made from injection molded black nylon
* Front axle has 45° of steering angle
* Removable diff cover
* Front has double locked steering arms
* Knuckles have 8° of king pin angle
* Rear axle has Clockable C’s
* 12mm wheel hexes
* 5mm output shaft
* Heavy duty bevel gear set

The plastic front D44 is priced at $74 with a part number of #Z-A0104 while the rear is slightly cheaper at $64 with a part number of #Z-A0106.

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