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Pro Boat River Jet Boat

Pro Boat River Jet Boat

Is your winter weather as bad as ours? No worries, while winter seems like it will never end, this isn’t Game of Thrones, spring is just around the corner. A perfect way to get outside when spring hits is with an rc boat. Rc boating is a whole new type of fun and Pro Boat has just announced the River Jet Boat. The River Jet Boat is loaded with scale detailing and uses a 2300kV 14-pole brushless outrunner motor for serious power. Better still is its jet boat design that can change directions on a dime.

* Efficient jet pump
* Composite impeller
* Self-righting design
* Durable ABS hull
* Solid drive shaft
* Water cooled motor mount
* 90 amp Dynamite 3S ESC
* 2.4GHz radio gear
* Stainless steel hardware

The River Jet Boat will be street priced at $299, it has a part number of #PRB08025, and full details are just One Click Away on the Horizon Hobby website.

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