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Pro-Line 10th Bonesaw 2.8 Pre-Mounted Stadium Truck Tires

Pro-Line 1/10 Bonesaw 2.8″ Pre-Mounted Tires

New from Pro-Line are 1/10 Bonesaw 2.8″ Pre-Mounted Tires. The new 1/10 Bonesaw stadium truck tires were designed to give you massive traction on a wide variety of surfaces like grass, rocks, dirt, and even pavement. Here are the highlights-

* Mid-sized 2.8″ tire perfect for 1/10 stadium trucks
* Directional tread design
* Molded from P-L’s M2 rubber compound
* Includes soft foam inserts
* Professionally pre-glued to save you time
* Removable hex wheels
* Includes 12 and 14mm wheel hexes
* Black Raid series 10-spoke wheels
* Fits – 1/10 stadium trucks
* Made in the USA

The Pro-Line 1/10 Bonesaw 2.8″ Pre-Mounted Tires are street priced at $40 and have a part number of #PRO1023910.

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