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Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Hyrax Predator 1.9 Tires

Pro-Line 1/10 Hyrax Predator 1.9″ Pre-Mounted on Black/Silver Impulse Wheels

To help make your life easier Pro-Line has just dropped Pre-Mounted Hyrax Predator 1.9″ Tires on Black/Silver Impulse Wheels. P-L’s Hyrax tires are considered some of the best on the market for general rock crawling and now you can save time by picking up a set that are already pre-mounted. Here are the highlights-

* Designed for maximum grip on the toughest terrain
* Aggressive and open tread pattern
* Each tread block contains multiple sipes for increased tread flex
* Highly detailed connected tread on sidewall
* Futuristic stepped tread blocks that create more forward grip
* Molded from Pro-Line’s Super Soft Predator rubber compound
* Impulse wheels are easy to use with only 6 screws per wheel
* Unique 3-piece plastic wheel design
* Standard 12mm wheel hex
* Blacked out wheel with silver painted faux rings
* Molded-in bead-loc ring and lug nuts for increased scale realism
* Wheels made from a durable DuPont nylon

The Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Hyrax Predator 1.9″ Tires have a part number of #PRO1012812 and are street priced at $42 per pair.

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