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Pro-Line Ambush Replacement Parts

Pro-Line Ambush Replacement Parts

Pro-Line has announced that replacement parts for their Ambush rock crawler will soon be available. Whether you are freshening up your rig for the indoor season, or have simply worn your truck out from driving, the replacement parts will come in mighty handy.

#4004-01 Li-ion Battery, $29
#4004-02 USB Charger, $38
#4004-04 Frame Set, $42
#4004-05 Micro Torque Motor, $12
#4004-06 G9000 Servo, $25
#4004-07 Transmission, $25
#4004-08 Shocks/Driveshaft, $21
#4004-09 Leaf Spring Set, $29
#4004-10 Axle Set, $55
#4004-11 Flat Iron Tire and Denali Wheel Set, $21
#4004-12 Pre-Painted Body Kit, $21

Full details on the parts can be found at This Link or you can Click Right Here to read our full Pro-Line Ambush review.

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Posted by in New Products on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at 5:06 pm