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Pro-Line Bulldog Body Illegal says ROAR

class 1 body class 1 body

proline bulldog d8 class 1 body

Ok, recently I have been ranting about ROAR and their infinite wisdom over scale realistic bodies. But now they seem to have gone and gotten the whole RC world in an uproar! And I’m not sure I can even take all the credit! ROAR recently announced that the Pro-Line Racing Bulldog body will not be legal to race in 1:8 scale buggy because it does not look correct. Uhm WHAT!? I have posted a few pictures here. The top two are pictures of real Class 1 Unlimited Buggies. There are a ton out there, feel free to google it. The bottom two are Pro-Line bodies. The one on the left is the Bulldog body that is illegal. The one on the right is the more ‘standard’ CrowdPleazer 2.0 body.
Looking at these, it seems like a no brainer. The Bulldog body looks much closer to a actual race vehicle, then the standard 1:8 scale buggy bodies people have been racing for years. So what gives? Did someone step on some toes? (Trust us.. we have stepped on them, and seen the wrath, lucky for us, we don’t sell anything they can ban.. uh oh.. maybe they will ban BSRC stickers!)
Now as you know, the Big Squid crew aren’t racers! (well.. some of us are..) But here we are helping defend them! (Take note you racers! You owe us.) What does it take to get the royalty to realize their mistake? Do we need a petition? Do we need protest at upcoming events? Maybe we’ll make signs! I have a feeling this feud is going to get more messy before it’s resolved, but in the end, I have a feeling Pro-Line and the racers will come out on top. You can’t say you want more realistic, then ban the body that is actually more realistic! You discredit yourself, by doing so, and it’s going to look worse when the decision gets reversed. (Remember.. you read that here first! I can see it in the stars!)
I think it’s going to take some of the ‘big names’ in racing to help them see the light.. it might take them talking to the queen bee at an event… but it needs to be done.
Good luck racers! Fight the good fight!
(And yes, I’m aware it’s not a Monday or Thursday .. but I couldn’t wait)

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