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Pro-Line Carbine 1.9 Bead-Loc Dually Wheels

Pro-Line Carbine 1.9″ Bead-Loc Dually Wheels

The latest hot new release from Pro-Line are the Carbine 1.9″ Black Plastic Internal Bead-Loc Dually Wheels. Are you ready to get extreme, like super, over the top extreme? The Carbine wheels fit Pro-Line’s extensive line-up of 1.9″ crawling tires. The big news is, the Carbine wheels can be used as a single, as a dually, or You Can Add As Many As You Want. This means that by buying additional sets, that you can go 3 wide, 4 wide, or as wide as your wallet allows. Here are more highlights-

* Perfect for military or extreme off-road builds
* Can be used as a single
* Can go beyond dually to as many tires as you want
* Comes with wheel nut cover
* Includes optional 12mm offsets to fit a wide variety of trucks
* Hex head hardware included
* Made in the USA

The Pro-Line Carbine 1.9″ Dually Wheels are street priced at $41 and have a part number of #2786-00. Use This Link to read more Pro-Line news on BigSquidRC.


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