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Pro-Line Rock Crawling Closed Cell Foam Inserts

Pro-Line Closed Cell Inserts For Crawling Tires

Everybody knows that using the proper tires makes a huge difference in performance, but often overlooked is how important inserts are. Using the proper inserts can make the difference between making all the obstacles that your friends can’t, or being the guy that gets left behind.

Pro-Line is all about performance and they recently announced two different styles of Closed Cell Inserts for rock crawling tires. Both are designed to give your tires maximum performance when you need it.

First up are Single Stage Closed Cell Rock Crawling Foam Insterts. These are made from a lightweight, yet waterproof, closed cell foam. Deep grooves are put into the top of the foam for a softer feel while maintaining a stiff side-wall.

The second set are Dual Stage Closed Cell Inserts. These use a soft open cell foam on the outside over firmer closed cell foam near the wheel. This helps to give you maximum traction while keeping the sidewall stiff enough for plenty of side-hilling capability.

Both types of foams will be available to fit Pro-Line’s 1.9 XL and 2.2 XL tires. Pricing ranges from $12 to $19 and you can get full details over on Pro-Line’s Website.

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