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pro-line pre-cut body

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Bodies and Wings

Pro-Line pre-cut Flo-Tek
On Wednesday we posted a teaser about the new pre-cut bodies and wings from Pro-Line, now we have more pictures and full pricing information. The pre-cut idea is a good one, it will save time and ensure a perfectly trimmed body.

Pro-Line has two different SCT bodies that will come pre-cut, the #3355-17 Flo-Tek SCT and the #3413-17 EVO SC. Both bodies are trimmed on the outer edges and have their Flo-Tek areas pre-cut. Street price is $47 each.

Two different 10th scale buggy wings also get the pre-cut treatment, the #6247-17 6.5″ and the #6248-17 7″. Both have a street price of $10.

For more information on all the pre-cut products from Pro-Line simply click This Link.

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