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Pro-Line Racing Big Bash Video Contest Winner!

That’s right, we have a winner in the $1000 Pro-Line Racing Big Bash Video Contest!

I cannot express how difficult it was to come up with the winner, and these top three. We had almost 60 submissions, and they were all great! We can’t thank everyone enough who entered their videos, and we plan on doing something special for all of you over the next few days. If you missed the contest you can read the original post HERE.

We narrowed the videos down to 10 that we felt would be towards the top. Then we argued over who should make the top 3. THEN we had to put those 3 in order, and believe me, this was just about impossible. All of us had different opinions, and honestly anyone of them could have been the winner. At one point I believe Cubby started to bring out a dart board, and the names of the videos! (No that’s not how it ended.. but it would of been easier!)

In First Place winning, $1000 CASH, $500 in Pro-Line Gear, a Big Squid RC Sweatshirt, Big Squid RC T-Shirt, Stickers, is Dylan Campbell. Congratulations!!! We felt the video really incorporated all aspects of bashing. Big Air, getting wet, playing in the snow, showing off the hobby to others, and no fear of what the outcome may be. Check it out below!

Second Place, winning $200 CASH, $200 in Pro-Line Gear, Big Squid RC T-Shirt, Stickers is Franklin Wistler. This video again showed a lot of core bashing and big air and made it feal like we were watching some of our own videos. The ending was classic. Here is the second place vid:

Wrapping up the top spots in Third Place, winning $100 CASH, $100 in Pro-Line Gear, Big Squid RC T-Shirt, Stickers is Nathan Blanchard. This video had some great jumps, awesome slow motion, and made us want to be out there bashing with him.

The top ten spots were all just about as great as these! It was all just small matters of opinion that filtered the list into what it was. We plan on posting more videos, including the rest of the top 10 later this week!

A huge Special thanks to Pro-Line Racing who has made this amazing contest possible! This is probably the biggest prize for a bash video contest that we have heard of, and we were happy to be a part of it!

We will be contacting the winners shortly to get all your information. Congratulations to everyone! If these videos didn’t inspire you to get out there and bash, I don’t know what will!

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