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Pro-Line Racing Fuel Stick

Pro-Line Racing Fuel Stick

Pro-Line once again raises the bar, this time in the nitro world with their new Fuel Stick. The P-L fuel stick is used to add nitro fuel to your car, which sounds like a simple enough task, but during the heat of battle in racing conditions, is easier said than done. The fuel stick is an extremely high-end device to make sure every pit stop is not only blazing fast, but is also done perfectly, time after time.

* Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
* Stainless hardware throughout
* Symmetric high-flow nozzle with six vent tubes for ultra fast filling
* Diffuser screen “normalizes” fuel stream to prevent excess bubbling and ensure a complete fill
* Long snout for reaching past high roof lines
* Easy to read clear gauge numbered in 10cc increments with red warning bars at 125cc and 150cc’s
* Made right here in the USA

The fuel stick is priced at $289, it has a part number of #6271-00, and you can get full details at This Link on Pro-Line’s website.

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