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Product Review – SSD Side Sliders for Vaterra Ascender

The Vaterra Ascender is a stout scaler that’s quickly become a viable platform to get your trail on. I recently built one and have been enjoying it. I had just one complaint with it….the plastic rock sliders. The plastic ones are a bit wobbly and I’m not big on the wrap around look with VATERRA stamped into them. As luck would have it, SSD just announced the release of some aftermarket sliders which looked very enticing. Are they what the doctor ordered?

The SSD Side Sliders (part #SSD00036, street priced at $39.99) are made of black anodized aluminum and come pre-assembled. Their low profile design lets them stay relatively hidden under the body. They also have two different height settings you can choose from. The machine work is very well done and overall the quality felt top notch. Installation is a breeze and consists of simply removing the old ones and then screwing the SSDs into the existing holes. It took me a matter of minutes.


Mounted up, they sure look hot. They have a stealthy profile and really enhance the look of the big K5. They also work great out on the rocks. There is zero slop in the assembly and the sloped edges allow them to glide over obstacles without digging in. As with all aluminum parts, they will show wear rather quickly if you are grinding on stuff so keep that in mind if it matters to you.

The SSD Side Sliders are a big visual upgrade and eliminate the looseness of the plastic stockers. They are lightweight yet heavy duty. I give em’ a hearty “thumbs up”.

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Posted by in Accessory Reviews on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 at 9:54 am