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RC Maniacs X-Maxx Body Review

Product Spotlight – RC Maniacs Indestructible X-Maxx Body

Anatoly Kirpichev and the crew over at RC Maniacs got tired of destroying polycarbonate bodies on their bash trucks. Anatoly decided to fix the problem and come up with an “indestructible” body, one that could take the absolute worst beating from even the most extreme of bashers and walk away in one piece. After hearing that such a body existed, we had to have one. I mean, we destroy cars for a living and we love a good challenge. Just how durable is the RC Maniacs’ X-Maxx Body? Could the BSRC Bash Crew reduce it to a pile of rubble? Keep on reading to find out…

Direct Link: RC Maniacs Unbreakable X-Maxx Body

Review By: Cubby
Pictures By: T-Mohr

Quick Specs-

Color- Black
Made in Russia
Price- Around $110

How It Looks- Our test unit came in black, but we have been told that the body will also be available in white. Black is still all the rage right now so we didn’t try to paint it, which is a good thing because paint doesn’t stick well to the type of plastic used in the body. The RC Maniacs body does not have the crisp lines that you will find on other bodies, nor does it have a lot of scale detailing. The body is shaped like an extended cab pick-up truck, which our Bash Crew was fine with. While not the best looking body on the market, it was designed more to take the day-in-day-out beatings of a hardcore basher, not to win concours trophies.

Durability- Is the RC Maniacs body as indestructible as they say it is? We found out pretty early in the testing process that we were not going to break the body while driving. Sure, we scratched it up a bit, but the body proved to be extremely tough while out bashing. Later in testing we removed the body from the truck, along with all its mounting hardware, and got downright nasty with it. We had several members of our Bash Crew members jump up and down on it, which flattened it out, but we were able to beat it right back into shape. After having no success that way, we drove over the body with a full sized Toyota Rav4. Once again, it was flattened out like a pancake, but we were able to pop it back into shape. Shy of setting it on fire or using power tools on it, we don’t think you can destroy it, we certainly could not.

Misc Notes-

RC Maniacs are based out of Russia and we have found they are truly hardcore about their bashing.

While the RC Maniacs won’t give up the name of the plastic used, they will say that they simply call it “Superflex”. The plastic feels a bit slick to the touch, hence the reason it can’t really be painted, and it is indeed quite flexible, without being overly so.

The RC Maniacs body is somewhat heavier in weight than a normal polycarbonate body. A stock X-Maxx body without hardware weighs in at 364 grams, while the RC Maniacs unit is 630 grams. That is quite a weight difference, but in a large truck like the X-Maxx, we didn’t notice it while driving.

Ok, so maybe you don’t own an X-Maxx, do the RC Maniacs make a body for you? Perhaps. Right now the RC Maniacs crew is working on bodies for over 30 other types of rc cars & trucks. The list of their other bodies features brands like HPI, Losi, ARRMA, CEN, and even Team Associated.

Final Verdict- If you are a function over form type of person, or if you are tired of continually buying new bodies, the RC Maniacs X-Maxx body is for you. Our test unit was perhaps the toughest thing we’ve ever tested, and that is truly saying something. If you are looking to buy the toughest body on the market, we can say first hand that the RC Maniacs body is the one you want.

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