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RC4WD Snow Plow Blade

Product Spotlight – RC4WD Snow Plow Blade

RC4WD Snow Plow Blade
Tis the season for lots of snow, thus we were pretty stoked to receive a legit snow plow blade from RC4WD. The blade is like everything else RC4WD makes, heavy duty, made from real metal, and it looked true to scale. We’ve been using (ok, mostly abusing) the snow plow blade for a few weeks now, here is what we found out-

* The RC4WD blade comes stand alone, so you’ll need to also buy a mounting kit for either your RC4WD or Axial truck (also available from RC4WD). Make sure you use an all metal mount because plastic mounts will sag under the load of blade making it difficult to keep off of the ground.

* Springs are used to help keep the blade down. The springs combined with the raw weight of the blade present a heavy load to the servo.

* The RC4WD is really designed to push snow. When we tried pushing dirt/gravel we ended up bending its mounting screws.

* The blade looks really cool and isn’t made out of cheap plastic. It has a street price of $80 and it feels like you get your money’s worth.

* We had loads of fun using the blade on our review RC4WD Trailfinder 2. Sadly nobody wanted to play demo-derby while we had it mounted. We can highly recommend it for that reason alone. 🙂

If you want to get your hands on one simply hit up This Link. For more RC4WD news on BigSquidRC Here is the link you want.

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