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TheToyz Adjustable Height Pit Stand

Product Spotlight- TheToyz Adjustable Height Pit Stand

Everybody needs a good work stand. After a hard day’s bashing, your rig is gonna need some work, or at a least a quick once over, and that task is best accomplished on a sturdy pit stand, not on a greasy tailgate. The crew over at TheToyz is always looking for ways of making the hobby easier, their latest is an Adjustable Height Pit Stand. The stand was designed to be versatile, sturdy, as well as affordable. How well does it work? Can it take the daily beating of a basher’s life? Read on to find out…

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Review By: Cubby
Pictures By: Cubby

Quick Specs:

* Fits 1/14 to 1/8 sized vehicles
* CNC machined from aluminum
* Adjustable height
* Holes fit a variety of shock sizes
* Designed to fit an uneven chassis
* Top can be locked or rotated
* Metric and imperial ruler
* Width- 134mm
* Length- 140mm
* Price- $24

How It Looks- The stand looked sharp. Black is still quite a popular color so our whole test crew thought the stand looked on point.

Build Notes- Yes, there is a small amount of assembly required after you open the box. There are three screws and one grub screw required for the build, which took our crack test crew just under 2 minutes to complete. The stand is super simple, even a first time noobie can assemble it correctly.

How Well It Works- We have no complaints after using TheToyz Adjustable Stand. We found it better/easier than most to change heights with, and we really like the magnetic strip for holding body clips and screws. From a small 1/18 sized Losi Mini-T, up to an ARRMA Kraton, the stand held every vehicle with ease. It also has a feature that most don’t, you can easily lock down the top part, thus keeping your vehicle from endless rotating away from you while you work.

We have a lot of really nice stands around the office, companies send them to us all the time, but we are now partial to TheToyz stand simply because of how solid it feels. It is easy to get a sturdy pit stand (those are often solid, or non-adjustable), but it is hard to find an adjustable unit that feels solid. TheToyz unit was different, it was both adjustable and felt sold to wrench on, a rare combination. We also liked the channel in the center. That one feature alone really helped on numerous vehicles that we drive all the time, but are typically a pain to wrench on because they have a “stepped” chassis on the side.

Durability- We put numerous 8th scalers on the stand, we threw it around the office, and we let it bounce around inside an enormous gear bag. Afterwards, we are happy to report that the stand held up like a champ.

Final Verdict- TheToyz Adjustable Pit Stand is a great value. For an affordable price you get an extremely versatile stand, one that is perfect for any basher’s work space, and one that just might be the best adjustable pit stand on the market right now.

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