Fan Project: RC Vehicle Stand


I love my eXtreme standZ, but if I was a guy who had to do it myself, this is a great project.


May 14th, 2006 - Fan: HAMILTON SAVAGE X

Time to Bash: 2 hours.

Start with 1/2 inch copper pipe (you could also do PVC)
Cut 4 @ 6" for the cross bars top and bottom
Cut 4 @ 5.5" for the up rights
Cut 4 @ 1" for connectors
Cut 2 @ 15" for the long top bars
And you need 12 T joints

This can all be soldered together. Or as I'm going to do and solder it in sections so it can be taken apart for transport. Or you can drill and screw the joints. Here are instructions and pictures of the project. Sizes can be changed to fit personal needs.

After cutting, lay out the pipe parts as shown.

Take 1 cross bar and put a T fitting on each end insert 2 up rights put 2 T fittings on top at 90 deg to the bottoms (see pic) repeat for other end.

Take long pipes insert into top T fitting repeat no opposite end (see pic)

Take last 2 cross bars and put a T fitting on each end insert a 1' connector into the T fitting (see pic)

Connect to T fittings on ends of top bars.

Solder all the joints or solder some to make it easy to disassemble for transport (see pic)

If soldered only at arrows repeated at both ends it should look like this when disassembled (see pic) also solder the 1 connectors into the end pieces

Total cost was around $15 and took around 1.5 - 2 hrs to build. Good luck and have fun with this project.


Thanks Man! Great Job. If you have an RC related project you would to share, drop us an email!