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ProTel RC QS8 Anti-Spark Connectors

ProTek RC QS8 Anti-Spark Battery Connectors

ProTek RC has released a new battery connector option for hobbyists running high amps and voltage in their R/C machines. The QS8 Anti-Spark Connector offers the ability for high-output for your high-performance hobby needs.

The QS8 is compatible with wire up to 6awg, making this a great option for high-performance, big power machines. Whether you bash, race, or fly, these connectors will give you a constant flow of power for your hobby fun.

This connector not only hands big power, but it’s also large in size. As you can see in our photo gallery, it easily dwarfs the size of a standard Deans/T-plug connector.

Learn more about the ProTek RC QS8 Anti-Spark Connectors.

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Posted by in New Products on Monday, March 29th, 2021 at 10:17 am