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ProTek RC LiPo Battery Pack - Shorty

ProTek RC Unveils Three New Racing-focused Graphene Batteries

ProTek RC has announced three competition-focused battery packs for R/C drag racing, on-road, and off-road applications. All of these new batteries run under the Graphene Plus banner and are approved for use in ROAR-sanctioned events.

For drag racing, the ProTek RC 7.4V 2S “Drag Pack” (#PTK-5132-21) has been designed to meet the needs of quick-burst, short-term power, packed in a “shorty” case.

If you need even more power in a compact size, the ProTek RC 15.2V 4S (#PTK-5131-21) battery should have you covered. Featuring the same “shorty” length of the battery mentioned above, this battery is twice as tall/deep as your standard short pack.

For on-road and off-road racing, the ProTek RC 2S Slim 7.6V (#PTK-5130-21) should have you covered. This battery pack features a standard length and should pack plenty of power for your on-track needs.

All three of these batteries use bullet-connector leads and can be customized to match whatever ESC-to-battery plug you prefer. To learn more about these new batteries, visit the ProTek RC Facebook page.

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