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PROTOform D9 Touring Car Body

PROTOform D9 Touring Car Body

New from PROTOform is the D9 Touring Car Body. The D9 was designed to give less aggressive handling out on the track. This helps in super high-bite conditions to keep from traction rolling, or on super low grip tracks where the rear end likes to slide out. The D9 was designed for those conditions, as well as being a body that is consistent and easy to drive.

* Clear 190mm touring car body
* EFRA & ROAR approved
* Includes new wing hardware
* Mounting marks for easy body positioning
* High downforce design
* Improved stability & forward traction
* Made in the USA

Street pricing for the D9 is $28 and it has a part number of #1564-22. Use this link for more details on the D9 Touring Car Body, or Click Right Here to read more PROTOform news on BigSquidRC.


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