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PROTOform LTC 2.0 Clear Body

PROTOform LTC 2.0 Clear Body

Need a high-tech lid for your touring car? Yup, me too. The latest and greatest to hit the market comes from the crew over at PROTOform. Their new LTC 2.0 was designed for racers that are looking for the latest in aerodynamics and the fastest lap times possible. Deeper headlight recesses are used to enhance steering, while lower fenders in the rear help prevent body tucks. Also new on the body is an industry-first feature called Mounting Marks. These make it easier than ever to mount the body in a consistent manner.

The lightweight version is priced at $28 with a part number of #1547-25. The normal version is slightly cheaper at $26 with a part number of #1547-30. You can find more details on both bodies at This Link on PROTOform’s official website.

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