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PROTOform MS7 Touring Car Body

PROTOform MS7 Touring Car Body

After announcing a high downforce body for mod racing yesterday, PROTOform has now announced a body for lower downforce racing. New from PROTOform is the MS7 clear touring car body. The MS7 can give your car more of a free feeling, thus allowing it to glide around high-grip tracks with loads of corner speed. The shape of the body results in smooth initial turn-in, as well as better mid-corner rotation.

* Designed for use in spec classes and tight, small tracks
* Ridges added for increased stiffness
* Made in the USA
* Approved for EFRA and ROAR racing
* Mounting marks for easy body positioning
* Increased car rotation
* Wheelbase- 253 to 260mm
* Length- 418mm
* Width- 191mm

The PROTOform MS7 is priced at $28 and has a part number of #1555-25, or a part number of #1555-22 for the PRO-Lite version.

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