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PROTOform P47-N

PROTOform P47-N Nitro Touring Car Body

New for nitro touring car racers is the PROTOform P47-N clear body. The P47-N sports an all new aero package and design cues that have never been seen in the class. With loads of testing via PROTOform’s race team, the P47-N offers up precise and smooth steering, as well as increased corner speed. The body’s design maximizes forward bite while offering more top speed on those long straightaways.

* Left side has window scoop for increased engine cooling
* Includes large high downforce wing
* EFRA legal
* Comes with oversprary film, window masks, decal sheet, & nylon wing mounting hardware

The P47-N comes in a .025″ lightweight design ($28, #1554-25) or in a .030″ regular thickness ($26, #1554-30). Get full details by using This Link to jump on over to PROTOform’s official website.

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