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PROTOform Pre-Mounted VTA Tires

PROTOform Pre-Mounted VTA Tires

To help get you on the line even faster for your local VTA racing class, PROTOform has announced Pre-Mounted VTA Tires. Fully approved for USVTA racing, these not only look good, but can also give your car more grip.

* Pre-mounted for your convenience
* Available with white or black wheels
* Sold in pairs
* Suitable for prepared asphalt, carpet, or parking lots
* Tires molded from long lasting rubber compound
* Durable 8 spoke wheels
* #10140-17 Front (26mm), white wheels
* #10140-18 Front (26mm), black wheels
* #10139-17 Rear (31mm), white wheels
* #10139-18 Rear (31mm), black wheels

Street pricing for a pair of the pre-mounts is right around $24 and you can hit up the PROTOform Website for more details.

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