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PROTOform Spec6 Touring Car Body

PROTOform Spec6 On-Road Clear Body

New and hot from PROTOform is the Spec6 clear on-road body. The Spec6 was engineered from the ground up for hand-out motor classes. You see, the Spec6 is a rounder, more traditional style body. This is perfect for lower power spec classes, or for tracks with lots of wide sweeping corners.

* Updated design of a PROTOform classic
* Gives a high corner speed feel
* Meets all racing regulations
* Comes with wing hardware, decals, window masks, and overspray protection
* Made in the USA
* Easy to see body positioning marks

Street pricing for the PROTOform Spec6 comes in at $29 and it has a part number of #1568-20.

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