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PROTOform T-HD Clear Light Weight Oval Body

PROTOform T-HD Light Weight Clear Oval Body

PROTOform T-HD Clear Light Weight Oval Body
Having a proper body on your oval car makes a world of difference. PROTOform has just announced a re-release of their popular T-HD oval body. The new T-HD is pulled from lightweight .025″ genuine Lexan to help make your car faster than ever. The new lightweight T-HD helps to lower your cars center of gravity, therefore giving you faster corner speed, which is key when driving oval.

Street price for the T-HD is around $30, the part number is #1226-25, and you can get more information on the official PROTOform Website. Also, to read more PROTOform news on BigSquidRC, THIS is the link you want.

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Posted by in New Products, PROTOform on Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 9:54 am