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PROTOform Type-S Touring Car Body

PROTOform Type-S Touring Car Body

Are you racing touring car this winter? If so, get the latest in body technology with the Type-S from PROTOform. Designed specifically for mod classes, or for tracks that require high downforce, the Type-S gives precise steering while also keeping the rear of your car planted to the track.

* Fits 190mm touring cars
* Outstanding choice for asphalt or carpet, indoors or out
* Additional ridges for stiffness
* Fully ROAR and EFRA approved
* Improved forward bite and stability
* Wheelbase- 253 to 260mm
* Width- 192.5mm
* Length- 422mm

Pricing for the Type-S is just $28 and it has a part number of #1560-25, or #1560-22 for the PRO-Lite version. Care for more details? If so, hit This Link to make the jump over to PROTOform’s website.

Want to learn more about PROTOform? Use This Link to read more PROTOform news on BigSquidRC.


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